These are just some of the services we have available:

Safety Check Install Swivels
Clean and Function Check Remove Cosmoline from Surplus Firearms
Scope Mounting and Boresighting Timing of DA and SA Revolvers
Stock Replacing and/or Refitting Refinish Stock
Touch-up Blueing, or Complete Blueing Cut and Thread Barrell
Competition and Performance Enhancements Custom Trigger Work


Photo Galleries of Some of our Custom Guns

BCF Patrol Rifle

We were tasked with building a simple yet reliable patrol carbine for local law enforcement.


Bear Creek Firearms was requested to build a version of the USN MK12 SPR.

Custom 1911 Project

We took a name brand pistol and turned it into a true custom 1911.

BCF "Chronos", Our AR10 DM Rifle

The "Chronos" is our precision built AR10 chambered in .260 Rem. This was a requested build for a designated marksman rifle.

BCF Standard Rifle

This is the BFC standard rifle. Adaptable to any customer's needs, this is it's basic configuration.

M1A Super Match M21 Sniper Project

Sage EBR chassis modified to accept the M1A Super Match.

Remington 870 Tactical Conversion

Basic 870 pump with tactical upgrades.